08 September 2006

Big Men Portrayed by Little Men

Well, finally got up off my dead arse, and made the following set of pics to-night.

The series is entitled "Big Men" , and is based on a short poem of mine by an old acquaintance of mine from the Las Vegas poetry scene of the early and mid-90s, Jason Quiggle.

The poem, as can be deduced from its pictorial adaptations, is about violence, and its after-effects, on the two men involved in it.

It reminded me a bit of some of what I'd seen in James Ellroy's novels(LA Confidential, The Black Dahila, The Cold Ten Thousand, and others), and so, I thought I'd have a crack at adapting it.

Don't know if Mr. Quiggle will care for my adaptations of his work, but, will see.

To see the original poem, please go to http://blog.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendID=7270559&blogID=163958748&MyToken=f80edb67-d179-4df3-9b2f-646600c86531.

If you're not a MySpace member, and can't access the poem via that link, no worries, as will write Mr. Quiggle and get his permission to reproduce the poem here.

In the meantime, look on and see what you think of the pics.

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