27 September 2005

Sara, mid- or late 2004.

Sara, 18th August 2005.

Sara, 27th August 2005.

Sara, from late August, 2005.

Sara Rilea, In Pace Requiescat.

In Memoriam: Sara Rilea, 1992-2005

A tragedy has occurred here in my home early this morning.

Sara, my beloved Feline friend and companion of a little over 12 years, died of complications related to Feline Diabetes, against which she'd been battling for at least a year beforehand.

She was friendly, ferocious, loving, spiteful, playful, timid at times, and was in general a fine exemplar of the best qualities of the Feline species.

There are many small qualities about her I will miss, ranging from her own versions of feline vocalisations, to the way that she would loved to rub the sides of her mouth through human visitors' hair, and so much more.

She had suffered greatly in the last few months and weeks of her life, and now, her troubles are at an end.

Still, Sara fought gamely against death for as long as she could, and, especially for that, I am proud of her as I can possibly be.

She died here at home, on my bed, after lapsing into a diabetic coma, surrounded by the familiar sights, sounds, sensations and smells of home, and that, more than anything else, gives me great comfort.

I don't know if there's an after-life or not, but, if there is, and especially if there's some sort of feline Vallhalla, then it's my sincerest hope that Sara's found her way there.

If not, then at least her sufferings are over, and she has gone to the well-earned eternal rest that Sara so richly deserved.

She was, and remains in my memories, a true friend, companion and beautiful cat.

Accompaning this post are two photos of Sara from the last two years of her life.

The first was taken in August or September of 2003, and shows Sara(the Short-Haired Tabby in the pic's background)with her sister, Annabelle Lee(the Blue Long-Hair in the foreground).

The second was taken yesterday morning, as she reached the beginning of the end of her struggle with diabetes.

Sara Baby, Rest In Peace, and, if there's an afterlife, maybe we'll get to see each other again.

23 September 2005

The Glamourous Life Of A Soldier-France, 1946 1

Night Manuoevres 1

All Tapped Out At Day's End 3

The Glamourous Life Of A Soldier-Sweden, 1937 2

Standin' Tall Before The Man 2

Hiking With a 20 Pound Pack and Full Gear 3

Bone Tired 1

Hiking With a 20 Pound Pack and Full Gear 5

Four To A Bucket 4(b&w)

The Thrill Of Guard Duty 1

Bed-Pan Disposal 1

Amputated Limb Disposal 6.

18 September 2005

A Cross-Cultural Confrontation 5.

The Results Of Playing With Guns.

Nothing Can Appease Or Stop His Wrath 2.

Gun-Fighting Can Be SO Tiring.

A Sad Spectacle 2.

Five Against One And All Against Themselves.

How Can They Fight When They Can't Even Stand????

Hoist On Their Own Petards 2.

Duel Of Idiots 2.

Death In The Afternoon 3.

Two Twerps About To Commit A Foul Deed 5.

Those Who Disappear Must Re-Appear Sometime 9.

Stabbed And Left To Die For No Good Reason 2.

Night And The City-Good Samaritans And Foundling.

17 September 2005

Night And The City-Deal Gone Sour.

Night And The City 10-Why Do These Things Always Happen To Me????

Night And The City 6-Third-Rate Killer.

Night And The City 2-Hate Crime.

The Lady Or The Tigress 10.

Saturday Night Gun-Fight In Mongkok(a notoriously poverty-and crime-ridden area of Kowloon, Hong Kong)10.

Lights Out 8g.

Knife At A Gun-Fight 5

Killing An Informant 6

I Was A Teen-Age Arsehole 41

I Was A Teen-Aged Arsehole 35a.

I Was A Teen-Aged Arsehole 2.

Night Creature 6t.

Night Creature 619.

Night Creature 613.

Nude With Cappucino 10.

Night Creature 66.