20 June 2006

One Last Bit

Well, whaddya know!!!! The Sun-Bather pic popped up in Post Edit after all.

Three Cheers and a Tiger for that!!!!!

Before I go off to wherever it is I go when not posting here, here are a couple of new pics of Amigo The Cat, taken on Sunday last, while I was outside the Radio Ranch, taking a couple of Father's Day gift figure portrait pics for me Old Man.

Amigo got out of the house, so, while he was outside, I took some small advantage of the situation to fire off a couple of pics.

He's a cute little devil, that's for sure.

Quick Note of Correction

Forgot to mention that the last two series of pics just before the Night And The City entry at the bottom consisted of one, a group portrait of a trio of Yank soliders during World War Two called "The Pipe Smokers", while the other is a set of tribute pics to the men of the 442nd and 100th Regimental Combat Teams, which were made up of Japanese-American troops, some of whom came fresh out of the detention camps set up for their people by our government, in all its un-generosity, during that war.

They, and their people, deserved a Helluva lot better than they got during World War Two.

Also, don't know if the Sun-Bather pic will pop up or not here, as, alone out of the various pics I've posted here this morning, it's the only one I can't view in Post Edit.

If it doesn't, oh, well.

Just hope the others will suffice to keep you lot happy.

Picture House-Cleaning

Got a bug up my arse yesterday evening, and decided to post some pics that I'd taken between January and May of this year, but hadn't posted here 'til now.

They range from the allegedly erotic(The sun-bather pic you see just below it, and, no, I'm not some pervie with a taste for amputee flesh. I just wanted to do a pic where one sees an attractive woman, who happens to have a disability, in a naturally erotic context. Make of that what you will), to actuality pictures just below that(my depictions of the Anglo-Australian-Muslim-Australian race riots at the North Cronulla Beach area of Sydney, Australia, of December last), portrait pics from both the Korean War(just below the North Cronulla Beach pics), which consist of portraits of American, Republic of Korea, and Japanese soldiers and sailors respectively, and, last but not least, a pic from the Night And The City series, shot in day-light for once, about the funny things that the day light sometimes reveals.

While the out-put isn't the greatest in number, it just goes to show that I wasn't being a completely lazy git during the hiatus I took from posting here.

Enjoy, if you will.