04 April 2007

Kellogg's Variety Pack Of Stuff

Well, have been absent from posting here for a bit, while doin' other, less creative things off-line.

In fact, Dear Readers, one of you even left a comment to that effect about a couple of weeks ago or so.

Well, despair no more of seein' new stuff on here, 'cos I just got through postin' a buncha new, or at least generally new to you, stuff ri'cheer.

So, scroll on down the page and have a look-see or two, or twenty, or whatever.

Hope you like what'cha see.

27th January Anti-Iraq War Pics

Yep, here are some more protest pics, only these come from the 27th January, 2007 anti-Iraq War demo sponsored by the Las Vegas chapter of MoveOn.org, as well as Food Not Bombs, Nevada Workers Against The War, and so on.

Some of these pics were included because, like in the second and seventh pics, they featured friends of mine who were there, while others, like the third, fifth and sixth, featured either colourfully dressed demonstrators, or had unusual aspects to 'em, like the Dubya doll with its pants on fire attached to the sign in the latter two.

The last pic in the series features two counter-demonstrators(there was a third fella present, but he held no signs and seemed to not really be participating in the counter-demonstration), who were across the street from our location at the Federal courthouse in down-town Vegas.

Well, hope this gives ya a taste of what that particular demo was like. If ya wanna see more pics from it, just go over to http://lasvegas.staughton.indypgh.org/news/2007/02/6640.php
to see the rest of 'em.

Never Mind The Bollocks!!! Here's Johnny Rotten!!!

What's that you say, Pilgrim??? Can't believe yer eyes that the fella on the right and left respectively of the two pics below is the REAL John Lydon, aka Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols fame????

Well, believe it, mate, 'cos it's true!!!!

Now, how did Yours Truly, who almost never leaves his cats and the comforts of his cave, manage to get, not just one, but TWO pics of a couple of friends of his with one of the seminal popular music figures of the late twentieth century???

Well, Bunky, it's kinda like this; on or around 11th February of this year, I got a call from my friend, Stan "OJ" Armstrong(the fella on the left in the first pic), who teaches over at CCSN and UNLV as an instructor, and is also a local documentary film-maker, who specialises in makin' docs 'bout the Civil War, sayin' that he was gonna be interviewed by the Sex Pistols(it later turned out to be just Lydon), for a tv documentary that Lydon and company were makin' in a few days, and would I be interested in meetin' 'em.

"Sure", I sez, even though I don't know that much about the group, and only became a punk fan in my mid-twenties, which is startin' out pretty late in life for that sort of thing.

Two days later, I get another call from OJ, tellin' me that they were gonna be at his place 'round 6:00 in da Pee Em, or so.

Well, at first, I was gonna take the bus down there, but then I decided to give my friend Joe Tangredi(the fella on the right in the second pic), who knows both of us pretty well, and told 'im about it, askin' 'im if he could gimme a ride down there, to which he replied "Sure".

Hey, 't'ain't every day one gets to meet one of the people who changed Rock 'N' Roll from what it'd become in the mid-1970s, so gettin' to meet 'im was a pretty decent incentive for Joe to give me a ride over there, no???

Anyway, we got there a little after 6:00, while they were in mid-interview, and tried to stay as quiet as meeces when a cat's nearby(something about which Mr. Lydon joked a bit at one point durin' the interview).

Anyhoo, eventually got to talk a bit with 'im about this and that, an' the other, too, and generally had a good time with Lydon and the crew.

It was also during this process that I dragged out my camera and got these shots of Lydon, who was also in town to judge a Battle of the Bands contest then goin' on, as well as doin' the interview with OJ about African-American participation in the Confederate war effort(the reason they were interviewin' 'im).

Joe got a few of OJ, and one of me with Lydon, and OJ in turn(natch)got some of Joe and Lydon as well, I think.

You might say that it was the kind of picture-takin' orgy that inevitably ensues when obscure people, or relatively obscure ones, meet famous folk, and you'd be right on the money, I think.

Now, I gotta go send these pics to OJ and Joe, as well as Mr. Lydon,at
'cos I'm more than a bit overdue to in doin' that.

Hope you like the pics, Folks!!!!

Japanese Ground Self-Defense Force Figure Pics

Did these back in February, when I took a Dragon Models Japanese Self-Defense Force infantryman figure out in front of the ol' Radio Ranch(i.e. my domicile), and fired away at 'im with the new Polaroid and Kodak EasyShare cameras I got this year.

The first two were taken with the Polaroid, while the latter two were(I think)taken with the Kodak.

Take a look for yourselves, and decide which of the lot you think came out the best.

These were also the last action figure pics that I've taken thus far, which only goes to show that I need to start workin' on the lil' suckers again, and soon.

17th March Vegas Anti-Iraq War Demo Pics

These pics were taken at an anti-Iraq War demo held at the Federal courthouse in down-town Vegas on 17th March of this year, aka St. Paddy's Day.

It was put on by a coalition of various groups, including Nevada Laborers Against The War, the local chapters of MoveOn.org and Food Not Bombs, Veterans Against War, and others.

The pics below are a sample of the eighteen(!!!)pics I got at that demo.

The first one is of a discussion I saw between some of the demonstrators and Immigration and Customs officials(in the black fatigues)and Las Vegas Metropolitan Police(in the yellow and black get-up)that was in progress when I got to the demo, and, no, never found out what it was about, 'cos I didn't ask, like a silly ninny.

The second's included here to give y'all a sense of the size of the crowd present at the demo, while the third, featuring the lady in the straw hat with the vintage protest sign, and St. Paddy's Day beads 'round her neck, I included because of the sign, and 'cos she was so colourfully dressed(Incidentally, that day was the first bloody time I'd ever seen St. Paddy's Day beads in my life).

The last two are included for pretty obvious reasons, because I thought they were damned cute, and their faces wouldn't break my cameras, so there, nyahhh;)!!!!

You can find the remaining twelve piccies on a page at the following addy: http://lasvegas.staughton.indypgh.org/news/2007/03/7320.php.

So, g'wan over and check 'em out if you like. I ain't gonna stop ya.

03 April 2007

Joe Sacco For Las Vegas City Council, Ward 3!!!

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As you may or mayn't know nor care, have been going through a rather lazy spell in 'Net posting these two months past. Have posted a couple of anti-Iraq War demo pics a while back, but, generally have been a big bump on the ol' 'Net log. But, as you can see from these pics here, and the ones below, haven't been entirely lazy off-line. Anyway, enough bilgewater. The fella on the pic's right is one Joe Sacco, a long-time Las Vegas Food Not Bombs activist and general homeless rights' activist, along with his mom, Gail Sacco, for the past few years now. Anyhow, he's running for the Ward 3 seat on the Las Vegas City Council in to-day's election, and, albeit am doin' this very late in the game, am urgin' those of you, who, like myself, live in Las Vegas' Ward 3 district, to get out and vote for him to-morrow. Why?? Well, 'cos the incumbent, Gary Reese, has been in the post for ten years, and has got a bit too fat and happy in it, I think, and because I think that Joe will do more than Reese, or any other member of the Council thus far, to actually find a humane, workable solution to the homeless crisis in the City of Las Vegas. He's a good man, a good friend, and am proud to call 'im a friend of mine. Maybe not the most compelling reasons in the world to vote for 'im, you say??? Maybe so. But, if you need more info on the guy, please go over to votejoesacco.com, and check 'im out for yourselves. Then, if you think he's the best possible candidate for the Ward 3 seat, vote for 'im to-day. It's your decision, really. Just make sure that it'll be one you'll feel good about having made months and years down the line. As for me, I voted early, as we can do that in Nevada, on Friday last, and I voted for Joe. In closin', just wanna say that the pic above was taken at Joe's campaign fundraiser on St. Paddy's Day night. Also, the fella on the left of the pic is Andrew Martin, a local accountant who's lookin' to run against Rep. Jon Porter in the the NV. Congressional District 3 race in a couple of years. Talked with 'im quite a bit that evening, and I rather like his stances on most issues.

'Nuff said!!!