12 March 2009

Get The Rope(poem)

“Get the rope” said one fella to another in a small town one fine day./

So, the other got the rope, while the first got some friends./

And they all went and got some poor bastard, whom they'd never liked,/

pulled him out of his house, and dragged 'im down to a nice, tall tree./

On the way, they cuffed, punched an' kicked 'im good,/

callin' 'im and his mother every name in the book an' more./

He plead for his life, but weren't nobody listenin', 'cos he was just a son of a bitch,/

whom nobody liked./

So, they told 'im to shut up,/

an' shut his God-Damn mouth with a couple of shots,/

upside his head./

When they got to the tree, they asked 'im if he'd anything to say,/

but, when the fool opened his mouth, they smacked it shut,/

an' told 'im he was gonna die like a God-Damned dog./

So, up went the rope, onto the strongest branch of the tree./

'Round his neck went the noose, which they pulled good and tight./

On a box somebody brought, went his feet, 'tho' they wouldn't be there long./

Then, after sentence was pronounced, and finished with, “And may God have mercy on your soul, you sonuvabitch!!!!”,/

the box was kicked away./

Dunno how long it took 'im to die,/

maybe 15 minutes, maybe a half-hour./

Don't matter, y'see./

Same goes fer whether he was guilty or not./

Don't matter the crime nor the reason,/

'cos nobody liked 'im, and nobody missed 'im,/

so they hung 'im, an' that's that./

But, that was years ago,/

an' all of us're in the bone-yard, now./

Layin' in the ground,/

long-past worm food, now./

Nobody knows,/

nobody cares,/

'bout the fella,/

an' what we did,/

so long ago./

We're in the ground,/

an' so's he,/

an', from this view,/

seems to me,/

we weren't any better/

than the poor dumb son of a bitch/

we put in the damn ground./

We all stank,/

we all rotted,/

same as him./

We thought we were better,/

maybe we were./

But, down here, don't matter a bit,/

'cos we're dead./

That's what matters now./

The rest, I'll leave you to decide.

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