20 June 2006

Quick Note of Correction

Forgot to mention that the last two series of pics just before the Night And The City entry at the bottom consisted of one, a group portrait of a trio of Yank soliders during World War Two called "The Pipe Smokers", while the other is a set of tribute pics to the men of the 442nd and 100th Regimental Combat Teams, which were made up of Japanese-American troops, some of whom came fresh out of the detention camps set up for their people by our government, in all its un-generosity, during that war.

They, and their people, deserved a Helluva lot better than they got during World War Two.

Also, don't know if the Sun-Bather pic will pop up or not here, as, alone out of the various pics I've posted here this morning, it's the only one I can't view in Post Edit.

If it doesn't, oh, well.

Just hope the others will suffice to keep you lot happy.

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