11 November 2006

Detritus Of War

Shot and edited these a few days ago, for Veterans' Day.

The series is entitled "Detritus Of War", and features helmets, water bottles and mess kits from four conflicts, World Wars One and Two, the Viet-Nam War and the Iraq War, representing some, if not all, of the various sides in those wars.

War leaves behind an awful lot of detritus, some physical, some psychological, cultural, economic and political, and these pics are my attempt at showing that phenomenon.

This notion's one that more people, in the world's various governing classes, and outside of them, would do damned well to seriously contemplate before embarking on launching any more wars, period.

Maybe, just, maybe, if we did, the sheer immense waste of time, resources, money and lives, most of all, lives, would and could be avoided.

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