21 November 2006

A Sextet Of Snaps

On Thursday last, received two nude figures, a Sideshow Toys Get Smart! Chief and a Yamato Dream Works St. Valentine's Day Massacre John, which I got mainly because I like the head-sculpts on them.

Well, was so taken with them, especially the Chief's head-sculpt and facial expression, that I just had to get 'em into costume and take some snaps of 'em as quickly as I could.

These three batches, from which two pics each are displayed here, were shot, in reverse order, as are the pics below, yesterday morning, and the evening of Thursday last.

They are, "Psychoanalyst And Client", "Portrait Of A Poet, 1967" and "A Study In Contrasts", two of which, the first and last feature the Chief and John together.

For whatever reason(I think it's the head-sculpts), these two make a natural comic pairing, probably because their appearances are so different.

BTW, check out John's head-sculpt, and one may detect, however faintly, a certain resemblance between him and Richard Nixon, circa 1953 or 1954.

Don't think the designer or designers at Yamato Dream Works intended it, but I don't know, either way.

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