14 November 2008

An Apology For The Mis-Information About The Anti-Prop 8 Protests

Earlier this afternoon, I posted a trio of links about various and sundry anti-Prop 8 protests to be found, both nationally and in the Las Vegas and Reno areas.

Well, I left the house and headed over to where the protest was going to be held, only to find out that they are scheduled for to-morrow afternoon, not to-day.

This, some of you may already know.

To them, and to the rest of you out there, I wish to apologise, because it was my stupid misunderstanding of the day and my rush in posting the links so I could get out the door to attend the protest that caused that.

No-one held a gun to my head. I got in a hurry-scurry mode, and passed out bad info.

That is my fault, and I wish to sincerely apologise to all of you out there for doing that.

Thank You for your time and attention.

Yours, D.

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