06 November 2008

Petition To Open The Presidential Debates Link

If you happen to have a Facebook account, please head on over to the following link below to sign a petition urging that the presidential debates be opened up to any and all viable presidential candidates in future elections, not just the Republican and Democratic ones.

Why is this important???

Because, one of the best ways of strengthening and deepening our democracy here in the US, is to ensure that the American people get to see and hear from as wide a range of presidential candidates from the various parties, major and minor, as possible.

That way, potential voters will have a solid idea of the range of ideological, policy and other choices available to them before going to the polls.

One may not like some of the candidates and what they represent when seen in the debates, but it is better to see and dislike them, than to not even know they exist at all.

The address follows below. Be seeing you.


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