19 July 2006

A 70th Anniversary Pic(Sort Of)

Still haven't taken any pics to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the start of the Spanish Civil War, which began in Spain proper(it really started with a coup d' etat and declaration of rebellion against the Spanish Republican government by General Francisco Franco, who, all these years later is, yes, still valiantly fighting to remain dead, in Spanish Morocco, on 16th July, 1936)on 19th July, 1936, with simultaneous uprisings by the Spanish Army garrisons in Madrid and Barcelona.

Both risings were crushed within a day or so of their start, but the Spanish Civil War had well and truly begun.

Did this pic, "These Pitiful Remains", back in late 2004, as a kind of elegy for the estimated one million dead or so that resulted from that war.

While it's not a new pic suited for this specific occasion, it will have to do until I get those shot and posted here.

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