10 July 2006

Some New, Some Old, Some Black-And-White and Some Colour

This latest pic batch is a mix of new and old pics, with the newest ones at the top, and the oldest at the bottom of the batches below.

The first of the new ones is entitled "Dying Ugly", and belong to the "Night And The City" urban crime series. In these photos, we see two men, laying on a city sidewalk, dying from gun-shot wounds inflicted on each other.
Was the cause of the shoot-out a robbery attempt, mugging or drug deal gone bad???? The end of a work-related or neighbourly feud???? I leave any supposition, Dear Viewers, up to you to make.

The second is a memorial pic, entitled "British Grave, The Somme, France, July 1916, 1a", and was originally submitted to the 1/6th Scale Figure, a British-based action figure collectors' group on MSN, in honour and rememberance of the estimated 50,000 British dead, wounded and missing that resulted from the first day of the First Battle of the Somme, 1st July, 1916, though the pic itself was submitted a day or two after the 90th anniversary of the battle's start had passed.

The third depicts a Senegalese colonial soldier in French service in March, 1917, just a month or so before their division, like so many French divisions at that time, were thrown away in the massive Allied offensives against the Germans in the Champagne-Artois areas of central France.
It was as a result of those bloodily futile offensives that a massive mutiny took place in the French Army afterwards, with many mutineers being drawn by lot and shot after the mutinies were suppressed. This set of incidents has been depicted in Humphery Cobb's novel, Paths of Glory, which was adapted into a film of the same title starring Kirk Douglas in 1957.

The sets below the above-named are re-doings of pics from the "I Was A Teen-Age Arsehole", which is my cock-eyed take on troubled teen and gang kids' flicks of the late '50's and early '60's, combined with my equally cock-eyed takes on '70's Hong Kong martial arts and gang flicks.

Well, Folks, that's it for now, though I have a few pics in the works that should come out sometime very soon in the immediate future.

'Til then, thanks for droppin' in.

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