03 August 2006

It's Official; I'm a REJECT:).

Was on a blog belonging to a fellow action figure collector, or a group of 'em, really, called Echo Bay a couple of days ago, and left a comment or two about a pic story they did, that I liked.

Well, guess they traced my comment via my Blogger handle, Figurepornography, saw this little blog, left a kind comment on it, and sent me an invitation to join them as a contributor to R.E.J.E.C.T(for Ring of Empowered Eccentric Joe Collectors), which I took up.

Have posted a couple of introductory post there, and am very pleased and honoured that they liked my work enough to invite me to join them.

So, now, it can truly be said that I'm a REJECT!!!!!

Never before has Rejection been this much fun.

The link's http://rejectforum.blogspot.com/.

Check it out, Kiddies!!!!!

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