01 August 2006

More About 'Net "Heroes"(Warning: Damned Strong Language Included)

Last evening and this morning, spent much time and vitriol writing responses to an article in Ha'aretz online on the need for the shooting between Israel and Hizbollah to stop, and for negotiations to begin, a set of comments on a picture hosted on Flickr as part of a blog by a talented Lebanese artist, Mazen Kerbaj(http:mazenkerblog.blogspot.com), and, before that, an addition to some comments I'd already made on that subject in my MySpace blog.

To sum all of these responses up in a nut-shell, I expressed the idea that no non-Israeli, Non-Lebanese or Non-Palestinian has a dog in the massacres going on in Lebanon, northern Israel, or the Gaza Strip, and, to be honest, I was damn rude about it, especially to all the "'Net Heroes" who like to spew out their respective sides vitriol and propaganda.

In the response I made to the various idiots on Mr. Kerbaj's Flickr account(Alas, I think I got his surname wrong, for which I apologise, if he should ever see this), I told the swine, regardless of what nationality they were, to shut the Fuck up, and I meant it.

Can't speak for anyone else but myself, but am extremely sick and tired of 'Net "Heroes", who "bravely" sail out, especially under cover of a pseudonym, to do battle with The Forces of Darkness, but who really contribute further to the horrid climate of polarisation, propaganda and outright lies that afflicts us about every issue to do with the Middle East.

I don't care what ideology they have, what God or Gods they worship, or where they come from, they are among the worst of the lot of trash on two legs that are engaged in the various wars and conflicts in that region, particularly because most of them will never, ever be at risk of being hurt, maimed or killed, or seeing their loved ones put in similar danger, yet rah, rah, rah, they go, to see other people, whom they hate, eat it Raw, Raw, Raw.

If one's a Lebanese, especially a Lebanese Shia, an Israeli or Diaspora Jew, a Palestinian, or a member of the Lebanese and Palestinian Diasporas, with family and friends in those regions, I can understand why a blogger or poster to an on-line article or comment would feel that way, and, as much as I dislike and abhor the attitudes and desires for the deaths of others on the opposing side, it's, I think, at least understandable, if not condonable, why and how they'd express themselves in that way.

But, what stake do Delmer Dumbfuck from Shit-Out-Luck Ioway, Bobbie Jo Belcher from Shit-Up-The-Creek Georgia, Sydney Soddingham-Bugger-All from Yokel's Corner, Hampstead, England, Neil Ocker from Wattasmattaustoopidbugga, Queensland, Jean-Marie Le Chier from Villes des Mille Putanes in the Auvergne, or anyone else, Yours Truly especially, have in seeing one or the other combatants in this shit-fest win????

None, zip, zero, zilch, nada, nichts and goose egg, that's what.

I don't care what Da Prez or the rest of the Adminstration thinks, because I think they are simply quite wrong and wrong-headed about all this, period.

I don't care what the Punditocracy, or the right wing of the Democratic Party thinks about this, because they are wrong and wrong-headed, too.

I especially don't care what so-called 'Net Patriots think about this, because I think they are Stoopid Doodyheads. So there, Nyeah!!!!!

I have had enough of being fed half-truths, quarter-truths, buck-and-a-quarter-truths, lies, outright lies, damn lies, statistics, God-Damn lies, and propaganda, especially by amateur, un-paid propangandists and spin doctors for the various sides in this conflict.

If you're so hot to go for seein' bozos on the opposite side from yourn' drop dead, then go down to your friendly neighbourhood US Army, USMC, British Army, or IDF recruiting offices, and enlist for a nice long spell in those fine institutions. I've no doubt they'll be glad to have you, especially as the recruiting totals for the first two of 'em have been more than a bit short in the last two years.

If you favour Hizbollah, Hamas or Islamic Jihad, well, since there aren't, at least not above-ground anyways, recruiting offices for the military wings of those fine organisations, it's gonna be a bit more difficult, but, if you manage to make your way(at your own expense, of course)to those parts of the world where those organisations have recruiting offices, then march right in there, and tell 'em that you wanna go and have a crack at those filthy, murderin' Zionist sonsabitches.

I've no doubt they'll be quite happy to accomodate you.

If any of you should drop dead in the service of your respective causes, well, you've done your bit, haven't you, to make the Middle East and the world much sadder, poorer places, and yourself into buzzard bait and worm food.

Congratulations!!!! You're not only an idiot, but a dead idiot at that.

Mom and Dad will be so proud!!!!!!!

Ha!!!!! Like Hell, they will!!!!!

If you want to do something that will actually help benefit the real victims of this stupid war, write, call, or e-mail your political leaders and pressure them to put pressure on the Israeli Government, the Syrians, Iranians, Americans and British to get all of the parties on the ground to stop shooting, bombing, shelling and otherwise killling, wounding and maiming people in that region, especially civilians, who are the primary targets and victims of all this obscene activity.

If you want, donate what you can to the International Red Cross, Red Crescent and Red Mogen David Societies in your part of the world to aid the victims of this war.

Just stop, for God's Sake, stop!!!! playing 'Net Heroes, Generals, Commanders and Commandos, especially if you aren't from those parts of the world, nor have family nor friends there.

This ISN'T Your Fight, and it never was!!!!

It sure as Hell ain't MY fight, either.

So, either do what you can to help out the victims of this fighting, or, at the very, very least, stop spreading more shitty ugliness around the world in the names of your various causes.

At least, try.

If you don't, you are truly swine.

My apologies, by the way, to any real swine out there that might be reading this. I wouldn't want to confuse you with your far less intelligent human counter-parts.

You don't deserve it.

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