11 January 2007

A Pair Of Protest Pics

Late this afternoon, read an e-mail I got from MoveOn.org announcing a protest at the Federal courthouse here in Vegas about the troop level escalation that the Bush Administration will be carrying out in Iraq, at six PM this evening.

So, I went over to my MySpace account and Las Vegas Indy Media, where I posted, respectively, a bulletin and an announcement about it, then cleaned myself up for the most part, threw on some clothes, and headed over there, where I took some seven pics of the demo, after I arrived at the courthouse about about 10 after six.

This is really only the second time I've worked with this camera in the field, and, between some of the settings I had the camera on, plus my own un-familiarity and ineptitude in working it, I'm lucky I got any images at all.

The first one's been edited by heightening the brightness and contrast levels far higher than they were in the original, which was very dark, while the second's the only shot out of the batch that needed no editing of any kind whatsoever.

As for the blurriness in the first pic, that's found in most of the batch, except for the second one published below, because I was both moving around quite a bit while aiming and shooting the pics, and because of the pic quality setting on which I'd the camera.

So, there are a couple of lessons for me right there, eh???

Anyhow, these two, plus three more from the batch(the other two were just too dark to use, even with editing), can be seen at http://lasvegas.staughton.indypgh.org/news/2007/01/6419.php, where I posted them along with some rather minimal commentary about 'em and the demo.


Renegade Eye said...

They were conceptual art.


Renegade Eye said...

I like the picture of the flag draped woman.

mcewen said...

11th January! come, come now man - what have you been doing for the last two months!
Dust off your camera and get busy!
[or should that be 'polish'?]