03 April 2007

Joe Sacco For Las Vegas City Council, Ward 3!!!

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As you may or mayn't know nor care, have been going through a rather lazy spell in 'Net posting these two months past. Have posted a couple of anti-Iraq War demo pics a while back, but, generally have been a big bump on the ol' 'Net log. But, as you can see from these pics here, and the ones below, haven't been entirely lazy off-line. Anyway, enough bilgewater. The fella on the pic's right is one Joe Sacco, a long-time Las Vegas Food Not Bombs activist and general homeless rights' activist, along with his mom, Gail Sacco, for the past few years now. Anyhow, he's running for the Ward 3 seat on the Las Vegas City Council in to-day's election, and, albeit am doin' this very late in the game, am urgin' those of you, who, like myself, live in Las Vegas' Ward 3 district, to get out and vote for him to-morrow. Why?? Well, 'cos the incumbent, Gary Reese, has been in the post for ten years, and has got a bit too fat and happy in it, I think, and because I think that Joe will do more than Reese, or any other member of the Council thus far, to actually find a humane, workable solution to the homeless crisis in the City of Las Vegas. He's a good man, a good friend, and am proud to call 'im a friend of mine. Maybe not the most compelling reasons in the world to vote for 'im, you say??? Maybe so. But, if you need more info on the guy, please go over to votejoesacco.com, and check 'im out for yourselves. Then, if you think he's the best possible candidate for the Ward 3 seat, vote for 'im to-day. It's your decision, really. Just make sure that it'll be one you'll feel good about having made months and years down the line. As for me, I voted early, as we can do that in Nevada, on Friday last, and I voted for Joe. In closin', just wanna say that the pic above was taken at Joe's campaign fundraiser on St. Paddy's Day night. Also, the fella on the left of the pic is Andrew Martin, a local accountant who's lookin' to run against Rep. Jon Porter in the the NV. Congressional District 3 race in a couple of years. Talked with 'im quite a bit that evening, and I rather like his stances on most issues.

'Nuff said!!!

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