04 April 2007

27th January Anti-Iraq War Pics

Yep, here are some more protest pics, only these come from the 27th January, 2007 anti-Iraq War demo sponsored by the Las Vegas chapter of MoveOn.org, as well as Food Not Bombs, Nevada Workers Against The War, and so on.

Some of these pics were included because, like in the second and seventh pics, they featured friends of mine who were there, while others, like the third, fifth and sixth, featured either colourfully dressed demonstrators, or had unusual aspects to 'em, like the Dubya doll with its pants on fire attached to the sign in the latter two.

The last pic in the series features two counter-demonstrators(there was a third fella present, but he held no signs and seemed to not really be participating in the counter-demonstration), who were across the street from our location at the Federal courthouse in down-town Vegas.

Well, hope this gives ya a taste of what that particular demo was like. If ya wanna see more pics from it, just go over to http://lasvegas.staughton.indypgh.org/news/2007/02/6640.php
to see the rest of 'em.

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