04 April 2007

17th March Vegas Anti-Iraq War Demo Pics

These pics were taken at an anti-Iraq War demo held at the Federal courthouse in down-town Vegas on 17th March of this year, aka St. Paddy's Day.

It was put on by a coalition of various groups, including Nevada Laborers Against The War, the local chapters of MoveOn.org and Food Not Bombs, Veterans Against War, and others.

The pics below are a sample of the eighteen(!!!)pics I got at that demo.

The first one is of a discussion I saw between some of the demonstrators and Immigration and Customs officials(in the black fatigues)and Las Vegas Metropolitan Police(in the yellow and black get-up)that was in progress when I got to the demo, and, no, never found out what it was about, 'cos I didn't ask, like a silly ninny.

The second's included here to give y'all a sense of the size of the crowd present at the demo, while the third, featuring the lady in the straw hat with the vintage protest sign, and St. Paddy's Day beads 'round her neck, I included because of the sign, and 'cos she was so colourfully dressed(Incidentally, that day was the first bloody time I'd ever seen St. Paddy's Day beads in my life).

The last two are included for pretty obvious reasons, because I thought they were damned cute, and their faces wouldn't break my cameras, so there, nyahhh;)!!!!

You can find the remaining twelve piccies on a page at the following addy: http://lasvegas.staughton.indypgh.org/news/2007/03/7320.php.

So, g'wan over and check 'em out if you like. I ain't gonna stop ya.

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