25 October 2006

25th October Vegas Demo Pics Link

Went down to City Hall in down-town Vegas to-day to shoot a anti-police brutality towards the homeless rally that was being held there.

This was prompted by the shooting on Friday last of a homeless man, who, truth be told, was throwing rocks at a Las Vegas City Marshal and a Nevada State Trooper, when the incident happened.

The latter officer did the shooting, and is currently on paid adminstrative leave, pending a hearing into the matter.

Nonetheless, considering the City of Las Vegas' policies and actions towards the homeless in recent months(just see some of the previous posts on that topic on this blog for some cursory info on those), one has to wonder, at the very least, if somethin' ain't very, very wrong with the way that the City and its armed employees often inter-act with homeless people, not to mention so-called ordinary citizens, here in the Valley.

Anyhoo, enough blather. The pics can be found here at http://lasvegas.staughton.indypgh.org/news/2006/10/5611.php.

Stop by and have a look, if ya feel like it.

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