05 October 2006

Well, went to a local World Can't Wait demo here in Vegas to-day, ended up taking some snaps there, and, a little while ago, posted 'em, accompanied by a verbose but bare bones description of the event at the following link-http://lasvegas.staughton.indypgh.org/news/2006/10/5547.php.

So, if you've the mind to, please head on over there and see the little suckers for yourselves.

BTW, have taken some new figure pics in the past few days, and will be postin' 'em here, and one or two on the REJECT Forums blog as well, to-morrow, so stay tuned, Kiddies, and check 'em out if ya like.

After the last several posts, which have been political in nature, it'll be nice to post something that expresses some of the other sides of that twisted psychological skein I call a personality, and what some people would call A Suitable Case For Treatment!!! LOL

To-day is also my 42nd birthday, and had a jolly good time all 'round to-day.

Not bad at all, I must say.

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