18 October 2006

Hong Kong Movie Pics(Well, Kinda)!!!!

Shot and edited these last night, 'tho' had the idea in my head, and the figures more or less set up, for a few months prior to the actual shoot, so, was glad to finally get this done.

The pics depict a quartet of Hong Kong film industry workers(circa 1965), a director and producer, respectively, and two screenwriters having a late night meeting about the screenplay for their latest flick.

From the looks of it, it seems that the producer and director are having a few heated words, probably over the flick's budget, but maybe over creative matters, too.

As for the writers, well, one of the saddest parts of workin' in the film industry world-wide is that the writers are very often the very LAST people consulted about anything to do with a film.

So, what they say don't mean bupkis most of the time.

Anyhow, hope, as always, that you like the pics, or that they at least don't send you runnin' out into traffic, screamin' bloody blue murder in horror at their sheer awfulness.

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