24 October 2006

Quiet Time

Shot and edited this on Saturday last, same day as the Jack Shirai pics.

Had got the BBI Tyr Anasazi figure in the mail a few days ago, and wanted him to make his debut in a pic as soon as possible.

Among the ideas I had were for a cafe comedy scene, and one or two others that I've forgotten about at the moment.

No matter.

The idea for this pic, which is in the "Cafe Stories" set of photos, came about on the spur of the moment, and depicts a young cafe habitue looking out the establishment's window.

Is he waiting for someone to show up, is there simply no one that he either knows well enough or at all, with whom to converse, or is he just having a bit of a think????

Well, I leave that up to you to decide, but, I can tell you from my own cafe days' experience, that there are times when one or more of these factors merit one moving away from the group a bit, and having a look out the window and a bit of a think.

The day following this shoot, I shot and edited three more pic sets, none of which will be seen here, as two of 'em were a birthday gift for a friend that were based on material done by the Firesign Theater(not gonna get sued for copyright violation if I can help it), and the other was for an Internet project that a friend of mine and I are working on, so no giving away anything from that until after the project's done.

Sorry, Folks. Sometimes, life just works that way.

Hope you like these little pics of a little moment, though.

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