14 September 2007

Joke: Don't Mess With The Scots......

After the downright grim posts here of the past few days, I think we need a joke or two here to lighten things up a little.

So, here's a joke I got from a MySpace friend of mine in a bulletin she sent out this afternoon.

Hope ya like it, and be seeing you.

A man was hiking through the hills in Scotland and stopped for a drink at a mountain stream. An old shepherd , rather tattered and worn, shouted to him:"Dinna take a draught oot o the riffle laddie,'tis poorly wi' the dregs o ma cattle."(Translates to: don't drink the water sir, it's full of cow shit) The man said, "I say old man , I'll have you know I'm an English gentleman, please address me in the proper English language you heathen."The shepherd replied, "I said ....use both hands.You will be able to get more in your mouth."

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