07 September 2007

TheRealRudy.org Video: Rudolph Giuliani And The Events Of 11th September, 2001

From TheRealRudy.org, comes this video, which shows ex-New York City Mayor and Republican Presidential candidate, Rudolph Giuliani, in a far from flattering light in regards to his role in the events surrounding both the 1993 and 2001 World Trade Center attacks.

In particular, the video concentrates on how and why New York City's emergency command post was located on the 23rd floor of the WTC South Tower, in spite of opposition from fire fighters, police officers and other disaster management and law enforcement professionals.

This video, and the others like it to be found on TheRealRudy.org, are partisan in nature, and should be taken as such.

However, and I admit to a tremendous amount of ignorance, much of it willful on my part, about the 1993 and 2001 WTC attacks, it seems to me rather odd, to say the least, that New York City's emergency command centre should have been located on the 23rd floor of a building that was both a prominent target for terrorists in the past, and that was, by virtue of its location inside that portion of the World Trade Center complex, vulnerable to disruption, hard to evacuate adequately, and could prove to be a death-trap for workers and rescuers alike.

The fact that it wasn't so on 11th September, 2001, can only be seen, I think, as a tribute to the efforts of both rescuers and evacuees alike, and not to any particular foresight on the Giuliani Administration's part.

There are, perhaps, even better reasons not to vote for Mr. Giuliani in the primary elections next year. But, given the fact that Mr. Giuliani has chosen to make his performance on 11th September, 2001, and in the days, weeks and months afterwards, a key component of his presidential campaign, this bit of information, even if from an anti-Giuliani partisan source, should give one some pause before voting for him.

As for myself, I have no intention of voting for Giuliani, nor for any of the other Republican presidential candidates, either in the 2008 primary or general elections, period.

None of them, nor their party, represents the sort of American society I want to see and be a part of, therefore none of them shall get my vote, for whatever that's worth.

Be seeing you.

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