19 September 2007

Two Links From The Unintentional Hilarity Department

From the Unintentional Hilarity Department, come these two links, the first to the uncensored version of the audio tape made by Mr. Michael Riccio, the sports memorabilia dealer who accompanied O.J. Simpson on his little commando raid at the Palace Station hotel-casino in Las Vegas, two weeks to-morrow, and who promptly sold this tape to TMZ.com, at that very same site-http://www.tmz.com/2007/09/17/o-j-audio-uncensored/, and, from the Huffington Post, this clip from to-day's The View, in which new co-host Sherri Shepherd responds to co-host Whoopi Goldberg's question about the Earth being flat, by saying that she doesn't know if it is or isn't.

This statement came shortly after Ms. Shepherd told Ms. Goldberg, and the rest of the panel, that she unreservedly didn't believe in the theory of evolution, but is, alas, not included in the clip on display on the HP.

The link's http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2007/0...i_n_64864.html.

For my money, Simpson comes off in the audio track as a combination of pissed-off frat boy and small-time gangster, his crew come off like a wannabe combination of characters from Goodfellas and The Shield, and the two sports memorabilia dealers come off as being rather sad types.

As for Ms. Shepherd, well, until a friend sent the link to the HP posting of the View clip, I'd been happily ignorant of her existence, and, ten minutes from now, will return to happily ignoring her and whatever she says or does.

But, I think that these clips only go to show that much of the best comedy really is unintentional, much of the time.

Check them out, and decide for yourselves.

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