18 September 2007

YouTube Videos: University of Florida Student Tasered By Police At John Kerry Speech

First heard about this incident involving the tasering of Andrew W. Meyer, a University of Florida-Gainesville, student by University of Florida police officers at an on-campus speech given by John Kerry, from a friend of mine who had seen a tv news report about the incident earlier to-day, early this afternoon.

Then, while checking the various friend bulletins at my MySpace account, I found this YouTube video clip from one of my MySpace friends in a bulletin he sent out. Most of the text, including his comment below, but not his MySpace ID, for reasons involving his privacy, are reproduced below.

Am also putting several more YouTube videos covering the incident, directly below this, as well.

For my money, from what I've seen of these videos, Meyer was being a long-winded, over-enthusiastic, minor jack-ass during his questioning of Kerry, and certainly grew progressively more agitated after the University of Florida police officers approached him, and started to take him away.

But, I believe that the speakers' bureau that engaged Kerry and the U of F police officers also grossly over-reacted, especially in first cutting Mr. Meyer's microphone dead, and then in the initial approach and take-down of Mr. Meyer.

The officers' approach, and their man-handling, of Meyer, only further agitated him, and made it far likelier that he would indeed resist being expelled from the auditorium where Kerry was speaking, let alone police detention, and tasering him was the icing on an already rotten cake.

BTW, Kerry, at one point, shortly after the police officers started to take Meyer away, said that he would answer Meyer's questions, though he also followed that remark up with an unfortunate joke about how Mr. Meyer could have sworn him in as President of the United States.

One more thing to note here, and that is the initial burst of cheering that followed Meyer's being hustled away from the microphone stand by the police officers. Have no clue as to the reason for it.

Anyhow, view, review, and decide for yourselves.

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Date: Sep 18, 2007 9:38 AM

One that makes too much sense...

No Justice
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