08 September 2007

Why Tom and Rupert Murdoch Can Go Get Bloody Well Stuffed

Posted this just a minute or two ago on my MySpace blog. Don't know if this violates the terms of service I've with MySpace and its management, and whether or not this will result in my account there being deleted or not. But, it's how I felt, and still feel, at the time and right now.

Am reproducing this here, so that this message, however paltry, small and meaningless it might be, doesn't just get sent down the cyber-Memory Hole.

Be seeing you.

Why Tom and Rupert Murdoch Can Go Get Bloody Well Stuffed
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One more brief item here, and that's, while I was going through my in-box here, checking for messages from M.O. that were no longer available because of her being gone from MySpace, and I opened one of them up, with the standard MySpace message that she'd either been a spammer or had somehow violated the terms of her contract with MySpace.

Well, I don't know about the latter, but as for the former, as I suspect what happened with Jason Quiggle and Linda, is that someone didn't like what they had to say either poetically, politically, or otherwise, got all upset and went Wee, wee, weeing, all the way to MySpace's management to have their accounts removed.

It's just a guess on my part, but, if that's what happened, or if there's some other form of political or other censorship going on here, then all I can say to Tom, and the "good folks" at MySpace, NewsCorp, and especially to Mr. Rupert Murdoch, is to get bloody well stuffed and right quick-like, while you're at it.

If this results in my contract terms with MySpace being violated and my account here terminated, so be it.

I said what I meant, and I meant what I said, period.

Go get jolly well stuffed, and then some, "mates".

As for those MySpace friends of mine who might be interested in continuing some sort of post-MySpace on-line dialogue with me, I can be reached at either bakuninmeow@hotmail.com, or at my other blog at http://afistfulofteeth.blogspot.com/.

If this account isn't deleted, so much the better.

All the same, that doesn't change how I feel, and certainly NOT what I've said here.

M.O., Jason Quiggle and Linda weren't, in my experiences of them here, spammers in any sense of the word, and I deeply resent the overt slur on their good names, even by association.

Considering that I have to fend off spammers who want to be a MySpace "friend" of mine on a daily basis, I think I know a spammer when I jolly well see one, and spammers they weren't.

Hence, my anger and my invitation, reiterated here once again, for MySpace's management team, as well as that of NewsCorp's, and especially for Mr. Rupert Murdoch, to go and get jolly well stuffed, preferably by a rabid kangaroo with the clap or some other other social malady, in as quick and expeditious a manner as possible.

If the kangaroo will have the lot of you, that is.

As for my MySpace friends and blog readers, Thank You, and Be Seeing You, either here or elsewhere on-line, as the circumstances allow.

Take care.

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