07 November 2007

The All Walking, Talking, Dancing And Singing Abortion!!!

Someone once asked me if my folks had any children that lived.

I replied in the affirmative.

He then went on to state that they must have been sorry I had.

I asked him, in response, whatever on Earth made him think that I meant myself.

To this, the questioner had no response, save to start biting out his small intestines in a furiously impotent rage.

I then walked away from the poor, mad fool before he soiled my shoes with his entrails.

Now, that you've read all this, please remember that I made this up, using a line said by Lee Ermey's Gunnery Sergeant Hartmann to Vincent D'Onofrio's Private "Gomer Pyle"(nee Leonard Lawrence)in one of the first scenes in "Full Metal Jacket", then embroided upon it a little.

Speaking of entrails, not too bad for something I pulled outta my arse, eh????

Well, maybe not.

Have a case of people crazies to-day, and am working it out of my system.

Either that, or am finally having that Nineteenth Nervous Break-Down of which I've been dreaming for so long.

You decide.

Be seeing you.

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