07 November 2007

Finnish School Shooting Article: 8 Dead, Including Shooter.

For those of you out there who wonder why the Hell I make some of the loopy posts I do, like the last two before this one, it's partially to keep from going absolutely bonkers with depression and despair at news like the recent events coming out of Pakistan, Georgia(the former Soviet republic, that is), or this little gem out of Finland, specifically the small town of Tuusala, some 30 miles north of Helsinki, where an 18 year-old boy shot five boys, two girls, and the school's female principal to death, before fatally wounding himself(He died in hospital in Helsinki later on)with a head shot.

Read about this a little while after I posted the two allegedly comic posts before this, and, while had been following the story as it developed, the final news of this still came as no less depressing a denounement as the earlier news of it was.

What a God-Damned waste and pity.

May the victims rest in peace, and may their families, as well as the gun-man's, try to find some peace of their own, if they can.

As for the gun-man, what more can be said, really??? He's dead, and beyond the reach of human justice.

As for cosmic or divine justice, am gonna leave that to y'all to figure out for yourselves.

If you want to read the AP via Yahoo News article in full, here it is at http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20071107/ap_on_re_eu/finland_school_shooting.

Just awful, and what more can I say????

Be seeing you.

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Joe T. said...

Interesting and sad... from what I know about Finland from today's BBC reportage, the country has a high rate of gun ownership but a very low rate of gun violence.

But there are psychological bad apples in every barrel. Just take a look at the exploits of the recently-convicted "Chessboard Killer" in Moscow, and you can see that guns aren't a prerequisite for a mass killing spree.