05 November 2007

A Trio Of YouTube Frantics Boots To The Head For You

Found these three videos featuring two routines by the '80's Canadian comedy group The Frantics, who had both a radio and a television show in Canada back in the mid-'80's, containing two of their most famous sketches, "Last Will And Temperament" and "Tae Kwon Leep(with the accompanying song, "Boot To The Head" after the sketch's finish), both of which feature suckers getting well-deserved boots to their heads.

The first video is footage of the original sketch from The Frantics' tv show, while the second's the audio track of a live performance of the same sketch, with a new character and a couple of new bits added onto it(It was this version that I heard on the Dr. Demento show many moons ago, and which is my favourite), with a flash animation parody of an anime show, "Phoenix Wright"(of which I've not heard), by its YouTube poster, CMSPyroWolf providing the visuals.

The last video features the soundtrack from "Tae Kwon Leep/Boot To The Head", with the only visual provided being the cover to the comedy album, "Boot To The Head", from which this sketch is taken.

Well, depending on what sort of day you've had, you may find these gut-bustingly funny, or only mildly amusing.

But, either way, enjoy and be seeing you.

Oh, one last item, and that's the volume on the first video's rather on the low side, so you may want to turn up your system volume a little. Just make sure to please reduce said volume when it's done.

Wouldn't want to blow out your ear-drums now.

Be seeing you.

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Joe T. said...

All right, all right, that Canuck humour is funny... but methinks they ain't got nothin' on this Man...