07 November 2007

Of Secret Crushes(What!!! No Orange Crush??!!) And All That

Those of you who are MySpace regulars have undoubtedly seen by now, at least half a hundred ads urging one to click on them and "find out the name of your secret crush!!!"

Well, I never do, because I already know the name of my secret crush; it's Mrs. Grizelda McGillicuddy-Stepanovich of 48 Upchuck Terrace, Neasden, London, SW, and she's been madly infatuated with me since the end of the Nigerian Civil War in 1970, or maybe it just SEEMS like she has. I don't know.

Actually, I don't know the name of anyone who has a secret, or open, crush on me at this time.

Plus, I don't think clicking on any link promising me that I will know the name of my secret crush will actually deliver on that.

Not one eensy-weensy bit.

Instead, what I will probably get is quite a lot of spam and such, and I am not from Hawai'i nor Korea, so I don't care for Spam that much, though I will eat it sometimes.

The real article, that is, not the cyber-kind. Upsets my stomach too much.

So, so much for knowing the name of my secret crush, eh???

Be seeing you.

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