06 October 2007

Annabelle Lee Rilea: 1992-2007

At around two PM Pacific Daylight Time yesterday afternoon, Annabelle Lee, beloved feline companion to Donald Rilea of 14 years, and house-mate of Amigo Rilea, died at Animal Kindness Veterinary Hospital in Las Vegas, Nevada, at the age of 15 years, 6 months, and a probable two weeks, after being given a lethal injection.

The cause for her euthanisation was a diagnosis made during a check-up, of either Feline Meningitis or a brain tumor.

Within the proceeding four weeks prior to the examination, Annabelle Lee had lost considerable weight, and, on the morning of 4th October of this year, could no longer walk nor stand up properly for very long.

After some discussion with the veterinarian attending, Mr. Rilea made the decision that Annabelle would be euthanised, to spare her any prolonged suffering.

The administration was given at around 1:55 PM yesterday afternoon, and her heart stopped beating some 30 seconds or so later.

She experienced no pain, and went gently into that good night.

To use a far more personal voice at this point than in the paragraphs above, I will miss her tremendously.

Will be holding a wake in honour of her memory at my home, beginning at 5:00 PM on 12th October.

Those of you who live in the Las Vegas area, and who may be interested in attending can reach me at my e-mail address at bakuninmeow@hotmail.com.

Thank you for your time and attention, and, as always, be seeing you.

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