22 October 2007

A Quintet Of YouTube And YouTube UK Cat-Oriented Videos

Here is a new set of cat-related videos from YouTube and YouTube UK for youse to peruse.

The first one comes from YouTube UK, and originally aired on America's Funniest Home Videos. Its YouTube UK name's "Crazy Cat", and features a tabby cat having a very strong reaction to having some part of its body touched, as manifested in the mewing, mouth licking and other behaviour it shows throughout the video clip.

There has been some minor controversy over whether or not any cruelty or injury was being inflicted upon the animal during the course of the video's being shot. Have looked at the video three times now, and have seen no evidence of this. The cat is excited, yes. But, cats being the sensitive and highly reactive creatures they are, I think that if the cat was being mal-treated in any way, it would have made its displeasure very plain, very quickly.

But, don't just take my word for it. Watch the video and pay particular attention to the cat's facial whiskers. When a cat is experiencing pleasure, the whiskers generally point forward from the cat's face. If in the opposite condition, they fall flat-backwards onto the face. Also, look at the cat's ears. If forward-facing or at least up-right on the head, the cat is in generally fine shape. If backwards and flat upon the head, this is an indication of feline distress or hostility.

Either way, here it is below, for you to see.

The next YouTube video comes from Italian television(their Channel 5, I believe)and features a compilation of feline video clips, some of which originally aired on America's Funniest Home Videos in the early '90's, entitled "crazy cat"(to coin a term).

Next, again from YouTube UK, comes "Crazy Cat 3", the third in a set of viral videos featuring animated cat photo cut-out animations dancing, or at least moving, in time to various pop, soul, rap, and even classical music sound clips.

Then, in reverse order, we've "Crazy Cat 3"'s immediate predecessor, "Crazy Cat 2", featuring more kitty pic cut-out musical animations for your viewing pleasure.

Then, for our final feline-oriented video, we have, again from YouTube UK, "Crazy Cat Attacking Spuds Dog", the title of which's a mis-nomer, since the cat in question isn't attacking, but playing with, a Pit-Bull Terrier, which is enjoying its playtime with the cat as much as its feline partner.

For those of you too young to remember the "Spuds McKenzie" ad campaign for Budweiser beer back in the mid-and late 1980's, that campaign used a black-and-white pitbull terrier as its "spokesdog", Spuds McKenzie to push its Bud Light product at that time.

Hence, the term "Spuds Dog" in the video's title.

In closing on this particular video, would like to thank my good friend Jo Meditz, who kindly sent me the original link to this via e-mail. Thanks, Jo, for doing that, and for the other video links you've sent me in the past few weeks as well. Much appreciated.

Well, by now, you well and truly should have had quite your fill of cute kitty vids, unless you're like me, and can't get enough of the stuff.

Enjoy and be seeing you.

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