14 October 2007

Awkward Squad(Annabelle Lee Gets In On The Act)

Posted this pic of Annabelle Lee up at a British MSN action figure collectors' group to which I belong, and, as it is a picture of her, albeit with action figures in it as well, I think it belongs here.

This was taken four years ago, and the premise behind the pic was that of an "Awkward Squad" of action figures gathered 'round her litter box, and making various comments about its state.

Annabelle just happened to be walking by there, when she saw them placed 'round her box, and I just happened to have the presence of mind to get the shot, while she was still there.

Among her many other qualities, Annabelle was one Hell of a model, and didn't mind being photographed much.

May she rest in peace, and be seeing you.

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