28 October 2007

YouTube Animated Video: "Fantastic Voyage"(1968) Intro

After the heavy-duty, and lengthy, posts I've made here over the past few days, I figure that something of a bit lighter order's needed.

So, thanks to ClassicTelevisionFan over at YouTube, comes this video clip, which is the opening titles to the 1968 ABC Saturday morning cartoon series adaptation of the 1967 science-fiction film, "Fantastic Voyage", produced by Filmation Associates, and which ran from September of 1968 until September of 1969.

Vaguely recall seeing this as a little kid in Reno, then recall considerably better viewing episodes of it in syndicated re-runs while visiting in New Jersey in 1978 and 1979.

Discovered this video clip about a week or so ago, while noodling around on YouTube, and so, I present it here, to share with you.

For those of you old enough to remember the "Mary Tyler Moore Show", and specifically the pompous news-caster character from the series, Ted Baxter, yep, the narrator's voice in this clip belongs to Ted Knight, whom some of you out there may also remember as the thoroughly obnoxious Judge Smails from the first "Caddyshack" film back in 1980.

Knight provided the voice of the series' narrator, as well as the Combined Miniature Defense Force's team commander, Jonathan Kidd, in the series.

From my admittedly scanty recollections of the show and its episodes, it was, I thought, one of the better-written Saturday morning cartoons of the period, and there still is, at least for me, a certain excitement I get whenever I watch this clip.

Hope you enjoy it as well, and be seeing you.

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