17 July 2007

17th July 2007 MoveOn.org Counter-Filibuster Demo Pics

Early this afternoon, opened up an e-mail from Nita Chowdury at MoveOn.org, that had the news about a Senate Republican filibuster on a bill in that body that would have again set a timetable for US troop withdrawal from Iraq.

Well, I hit the RSVP link in the e-mail, and informed MoveOn that I'd be coming down there with my digital camera to take piccies of the event.

It was scheduled to take place in front of the Federal courthouse in down-town Vegas at 5:00 PM to-day.

Well, I got there 15 minutes or so late, but I went into set-up mode right away, and took pics of the demo, for as long as I was there, which was a little under an hour.

Not much in the way of security personnel presence there, as you'll see in two of the pics displayed below, and the size of our crowd was about 25 people(so I heard one person say. I didn't take a count), and fluctuated a little in size, with some people arriving and others leaving, while I was there.

No counter-demonstrators, either.


Anyway, after I got home, sat down and edited the following pics for size(making it easier to up-load here), enhancement(mainly because some of the pics were quite dark in the original state, and to make reading some of the sign texts easier on the viewer), and cropping the little things, mainly to cut out extraneous background or side material in the original pics that would have distracted from the main images.

Well, now they're here for you to peruse and see a tiny sliver of what one day will be a very small part of Nevada and American history.

So, on ye go, down, down to the pics below.

Be seeing you.

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