27 July 2007

I'm Not A Number, I'm ... In A Documentary With Lew Grade???!!!

From 1983, when "The Prisoner" was shown again in the UK on Channel Four, comes this excerpt from a Channel Four documentary, which features an interview with McGoohan about "The Prisoner", and the circumstances behind its creation, as well as with Lord Lew Grade, who was the head of ATV, the Manchester, England-based television production company that produced and distributed the show world-wide through its distribution arm, ITC.

Grade, born Lewis Winogradsky, was an archetypal show-business mogul, who often made his decisions to go ahead with film or television shows based more on hunches and gut reactions to what he was told about the projects' concepts, than on market research, focus groups, and all the rest of that nonsense.

Sometimes, as in the case of "The Prisoner", his hunches worked spectacularly well. Sometimes, they didn't.

Either way, here's your chance to see just what such a mogul looked and sounded like for yourselves.

Be seeing you.

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