17 July 2007

Two Bits of Everyday Weirdness and A Pair of Announcements

This morning, 'round 10:30 or so, was layin' in bed, petting Annabelle Lee, when the phone rang.

The caller, who sounded like a male in his 20's or 30's, asked me if a "Kerwin D. Frog" was there.

My response: "Kerwin D. Frog???"

Caller: "Kerwin D. Frog."

I informed him that there was no Kerwin D. Frog here, and the conversation came to an abrupt end.

Don't know if it was a joke, a wrong number, or what have you, but it was certainly a strange way to start the day.

When I first got on MySpace, a little while after that, saw a notice that I had some friend requests waiting for me.

Well, recently, most of these requests have been from spammers using names and pictures of pretty girls, and, well, you get the idea.

So, I went over to the Friend Requests page to see what they were, and found three of them. The exception to this general rule was that all three's profiles had been deleted!!!

Laughed my head off, and denied the now non-existent MySpace friends.

So, there you have 'em. Two bits of everyday weirdness. Nothing spectacular, but that's probably just as well, as most bits of weirdness really aren't all that spectacular anyway.

Now, for the announcements, which follow below.

Join Local Poets for an Evening of Readings on July 20

Some of Las Vegas' most talented poets as well as open mic
participants gather for an evening of readings at the West Las
Vegas Arts Center's Poets' Corner on Friday, July 20. Keith
Brantley hosts the event, which begins at 7:30 p.m. and is open
to the public. Admission is free.

The arts center, located at 947 West Lake Mead Boulevard, is
operated by the Arts & Community Events Division of the city of
Las Vegas Department of Leisure Services. In addition to the
Poets' Corner, which is held the third Friday of every month,
the center is the site of numerous culturally-focused
activities, from films to special events.

Classes in African arts, dance, music and more are available
for both children and adults.
Coming August 2 and 4 is the final musical production by the
participants in the arts center's annual Performing and Visual
Arts Camp for Kids. Boys and girls learn character-building
skills through an integrated arts program, which culminates in a
multi-faceted production. This year's presentation, "Generation
Next.Pulse, Passion and Power" will be held on Thursday, August
2, at the House of Blues and Thursday, August 4, at the West Las
Vegas Library Theater. It is cosponsored by the Las Vegas-Clark
County Library District and admission is free.

Call (702) 229-4800 for information about these and all West
Las Vegas Arts Center's programs.

Also, MoveOn. org's Las Vegas chapter is having a counter-filibuster demo at the Lloyd.D George Federal Courthouse in down-town Vegas, starting at 5:00 PM this evening.

This demo is aimed at protesting and stopping the proposed Republican filibuster of a Senate bill aimed at mandating a timetable for the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq.

So, if you can, come on down, and bring your digital still or video cameras, or your analog ones, if you still use those, and, most importantly, yourselves.

For those of you outside Las Vegas, please go to MoveOn.org, and find out where and when the counter-filibuster nearest you is taking place.

Be seeing you.

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Anonymous said...

"Kerwin D. Frog" is kind of unusual and unexpected. I could see his brother Kermit calling you, but ironically it is Kerwin, and not Kermit, who is the hermit, and doesn't like to call people.

--Joe Tangredi