27 July 2007

I'm Not A Number, I'm ... Giving An Interview???!!!

From 2001, when this telephone interview with Patrick McGoohan, star and creator of "The Prisoner", originally broadcast on French tv in 1997, was issued as part of a French DVD edition of "The Prisoner", comes this interview between the host, who was also a co-author of a book on "The Prisoner", a copy of which I have here at home, and McGoohan himself, speaking via telephone from Los Angeles.

Among the items discussed in the interview are plans for what was then an up-coming film adaptation of "The Prisoner", for which McGoohan wanted Mel Gibson to play the new Number 6.

Mind you, this interview was done ten years ago, before all the recent brouhaha about Mr. Gibson's ultra-montane Catholicism, alcoholism, and anti-Semitism exploded.

Also interesting, because McGoohan, like Gibson, is a devout, and quite conservative, Catholic, though I don't know, and hope he doesn't take his beliefs, to the ridiculous extremes that Mr. Gibson and his father do.

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