04 August 2007

[27 Jul 2007 | Friday]

A Couple Of Petition Links For My Liberal and Radical Wing-Nut Friends
Category: News and Politics

Just like the subject line says, Folks.

Here are two links to sites where you can sign petitions to send to Congress to have Dicky-Bird Cheney's arse impeached!!!!

The first one's at Democrats.com, and puts your name as a sponsor on a resolution by Dennis Kucinich to have the Dicky-Bow impeached. It's at http://www.democrats.com/impeach-cheney-congressional-record.

The second's from the good ladies at Codepink, and is a simple petition for the same damn thing-gettin' Mr. Undisclosed-Secret Location to finally stand tall before the Man, Woman, and people in Congress and of this country.

It's at http://www.democracyinaction.org/dia/organizationsORG/codepink/petition.jsp?petition_KEY=651.

These actions mayn't be much, but, they are a start. Get on over there, sign up, and let our governing classes know how you feel and why.

That's all.

Be seeing you.

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A Poetic Response To A Friend's Poem
Category: Writing and Poetry

Did this just a few minutes ago as a response to a poem by Mr Itchy("Here It Is", I think is the title)on his blog, and decided to re-post it here, 'cos it's the first poem of sorts I've written in a very long while.

The IRA, Black and Tans, Macroom references are to an incident where an IRA flying column wiped out a British auxillary police contingent near the town of Macroom, Ireland, during the Irish War of Independence, in 1920(I think).

There was even a song commemorating that victory that had the verses(only partially recalled here)about the IRA "making shit out of the whole fucking lot."

Be seeing you.

And put paid

To the whole fucking lot

like the IRA

Did to the Black and Tans

At Macroom

So long ago.

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