01 June 2008

A Fistful Of Mego Star Trek Videos

Just got through watching, and laughing my head at, a sextet of Mego(the company that made a line of 8 inch Star Trek action figures back in the mid-'70s)Star Trek action figure videos, made by the good folks at Hoserlu Studios, and posted up on YouTube, as well as their own site, http://hoserlu.com/.

The figure puppetry is of mixed quality, as is the voice-work. But, the writing and most of the rest of the quality of these videos are quite well-done, amateur, action figure videos that, while maybe not giving "Robot Chicken" a run for its money, should fit the bill.

One last bit before we jump into the videos here, and that's, as the folks at Hoserlu themselves warn on their YouTube postings, there is adult humour of the most juvenile kind, meaning sex jokes, profanity, etc.

With that in mind, here we go, and may God help you, because no one else can;).

The first entry's "Star Trek: The Mego Picture", which features Capt. Kirk, Dr. McCoy, Ensign Goodbody(Hey, the folks at Hoserlu named her, not I), and a couple of security officers(Guess who dies first!!!)as they find themselves at the mercy of some very brilliant, and very bored, aliens whilst on a mission on an alien planet.

Next, we have "Star Trek: The Mego Picture, Part 2 Trailer", in which one can see some exciting(well, it depends on one's definition of exciting)scenes from the sequel to "Star Trek: The Mego Picture".

The third verse, which is worse than the first, in this wretched Mego Star Trek saga, is "Star Trek: The Mego Picture-The Bloopers"(you knew that HAD to be coming!!!).

Then, we have some "leaked" footage from the sequel to "Star Trek: The Mego Picture", which gives us a "sneak" preview of what we can expect in the sequel. Or, does it????

After enough beating about the bush to scare all the game in the national park away for a month, we finally arrive at Part I of "Star Trek: The Mego Picture, Part 2", in which Captain Kirk finds himself being court-martialed for crimes against humanity, or something like that.

Finally(and not a moment too soon, you might be thinking), we have Part 2 of "Star Trek: The Mego Picture, Part 2", which concludes this saga, at least for now.

One can also see the entire film, uninterrupted, at http://hoserlu.com/, and it's in higher resolution, if that's your particular bag.

BTW, in parting, let me just say that, a la Hoserlu Studios own disclaimer at the end of their end titles, this blog entry has been made without the written permission of Hoserlu Studios, Paramount Pictures, etc, and please don't sue me, as I've nothing any of you out there working for those enterprises(pun unintentional, or is it???)would want, not even Amigo the Cat.

Anyhow, hope you enjoy this collection of Star Trek and Mego figure fan-vids, and, as always, be seeing you.

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