01 June 2008

A Quartet Of YouTube Cat Videos

My MySpace friend Cheryl was kind enough to re-post a video featuring three kittens watching tennis from YouTube.

So, I went over there and found the video, plus a couple more such videos, and am posting 'em here for y'all to see for yourselves.

The first's the original video, from a Japanese YouTube video contributor called "CatteryAkubi".

The second, from "bregman1155" is "????Tennis Cats-"Le Freak" Remix", in which the above video is set to the old disco tune, "Le Freak", and which works amazingly well, I think.

The third video, from "MemeMolly" is "TokenMemeChannel17Like", and features a group of young people, mainly girls, moving their heads back and forth as if watching a tennis match, until they break up laughing.

This video, like the one above it, was posted as a response to the original video on the top.

The fourth and final YouTube video entry here is from one "calwhite", and is simply entitled, "Cats Watching Tennis", in which a quintet of kittens are moving their heads back and forth watching something off-camera, though it's never disclosed just what it is.

There's your Sunday cat-video fix. Now, run along, go outside and play, or do something else entirely un-constructive with your Sunday. As always, be seeing you.

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