01 June 2008

A Trio Of YouTube Videos

In my last entry here, I mentioned my great appreciation for the Internet and the amazing variety of videos on it.

Well, am gonna give y'all some samples of what I meant.

The first one was posted to YouTube by a Dutch YouTube contributor called Yolan59, who has quite the collection of old "Carol Burnett Show" sketches, and, it was while viewing the following sketch that I learnt, in the accompaning information box, that Harvey Korman died yesterday at the age of 88.

So, this sketch, "The Old Folks" featuring the late Mr. Korman and Carol Burnett goes up here in homage to a fine comedic actor, who is now no longer among us.

For a bit of better news from the other side of the world, here comes a news article, posted by Nepal News on 28th May, about the celebrations going on in Nepal, now that the Nepalese monarchy, which reigned for 240 years, has been officially abolished and replaced by a federal democratic republic. Congratulations and the best of luck to the Nepalese people.

Finally, there's this video entry, "The Two Talking Geese" from an American YouTube poster who calls herself AliceAngel7, which features her two geese, Snooky and Randall, communicating with each other by honking, rather than the usual fighting that goes on between, according to her.

This is a charming little bit of animal footage, which was made as a response to the "Two Talking Cats" video that ran on YouTube some months ago, and is, I think, an appropriate way to end this entry, and help get your day off to a good start.

Please enjoy, and be seeing you.

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