01 June 2008

Now, I’ve Seen Everything(Not Bloody Likely, I Have!!)

A friend of mine sent this site addy in an e-mail to me this morning.

It's http://kittywigs.com/.

That's right. Wigs for cats.

Incredible, no????

I'd say so, as well as a few other words and phrases not suitable for family publications, unless they're published by the Manson Family, that is.

I took a look at the wigs on offer on the site(there are four of them), and all I can say is that I admire the feline models that wore those wigs in the photos of them for being as patient with their Monkey-People care-givers as they possibly could.

Cats, generally speaking, don't LIKE having anything on their little noggins, and I don't blame 'em a bit for it.

So, when some chuckle-headed Monkey Person decides that putting a hat, wig or whatever else on their long-suffering feline companion is a good idea, I can only hope that either the feline will tolerate it, as they often, or give 'em a good, quick clawing to let 'em know where they stand.

Needless to say any further, I think wigs for cats is a damned poor idea.

But, who am I to piss on anyone else's parade, eh????

I can only hope that the cats in the various households that purchase these wigs will have the good sense to avoid their silly Monkey People until the latter have that silly notion out of their systems.

Be seeing you.

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