01 June 2008

While You Were Waiting....

Well, Folks, am back after a period of around a little over seven months since last I posted here.

Part of that was due to the active blogging I'd been doing on my MySpace blog, part of it was due to me being a lazy thing, and a very large part of it was due to two computer hard drive melt-downs back in late November of last year, and late March of this year, which knocked me off-line for quite a while.

Have been back on-line, since a month ago come 3rd June, and have been meaning to get over here and start posting, or at least re-posting, some of the blog entries that have composed on my MySpace blog since then.

Well, below are a selection, re-published somewhat out of order, as you will see, with the first part of an action figure story I originally published on MySpace back on 3rd March, 2008, to lead 'em off.

Now that I've published it here, this takes away whatever remaining excuse I've to procrastinate on getting Part Two of the story written and published, doesn't it???

You bet it does.

Anyhow, sorry to have gone for so long.

Hope you enjoy this selection of entries, and, as always, be seeing you.

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