01 June 2008

YouTube Video Clips: "Fantastic Voyage Cartoon Opening And Closing Credits(1968)

Yes, I am going to get off of my dead arse in a day or two and post Part Two of "The Orphan" here.

But, in the meantime, here's a bit of vintage('68, to be precise)Saturday morning cartoon footage from YouTube to keep you entertained while you're waiting.

The opening and closing title clips shown below are from the 1968 Filmation animated adaptation of "Fantastic Voyage", which ran on ABC TV from '68 to '70, and which was one of the better-done Saturday morning shows of its day.

By the way, the narration in the opening titles is provided by the late Mr. Ted Knight, whom you probably know best as either Ted Baxter from "The Mary Tyler Moore Show", or Mr. Rush from "Too Close For Comfort", who not only provided narration for this show, as well as the voice of the show's team commander, Jonathan Kidd, but who did voices for at least two other Saturday morning shows in the mid-'60's through early '70's.

Lastly, the closing titles, with the ominous reiterations of the show's theme, combined with the sound effects of the various machines operating with no controllers about, and the visuals, make for one of the most effectively creepy and memorable end titles for any film or television project I've ever seen.

Anyhow, enjoy and be seeing you.

Opening titles:

Closing titles:


Martha said...

Wow. This was my favorite cartoon of all time. You mentioned something I'd never thought of: the machines operating with no controllers about. Funny, I just took it for granted they were running on auto pilot or something when I was a kid. Now, that you mention it,though, it really was downright creepy. Thanks for the observation!

figurepornography said...

Had seen a similar observation to the one made here on the video's original YouTube posting, and it clicked with the fading memories and new impressions I got when watching it again.

Thinking about it now, I think the reason it can be so eerie to see is because of the closing music's general tempo after its opening chords, and especially the slamming door sound effects just before the final chords.

Depending on one's temperament, it can be a bit spooky, no???

Thanks for viewing this and reading the observations below, Martha!!! Sometimes wonder if anyone at all reads this silly blog, and am glad to see that someone does!!! Sounds sad, and maybe it is, but thanks so much anyhow.