01 June 2008

A Tryptich Of Sarah Silverman Videos

Recently down-loaded some Sara Silverman videos from YouTube, and decided, while am listening to the soundtrack from one of them on my Real Player, to share some of these with you, as am busting a gut laughing while seeing, or rather, listening to, them.

So, here we go.

From the 2007 Video Music Awards, comes Ms. Silverman's spectacular diss of Ms. Paris Hilton.

That video was posted to YouTube by "ParisHiltonMusicFan"(!!!!).

The next video, "The Porn Song", was posted to YouTube by one "SnatchSnack".

The third and last video is her(admittedly, hadn't heard of this until a day or so ago)infamous little music video, "I'm F&@ing Matt Damon", posted to YouTube by "SwagDogDotCom".

Anyhoo, there you go. Hope you enjoy them, and try not to fall over when you're laughing at these.

Be seeing you.

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