01 June 2008

The Lords Of All Creation(So They Think!!!)

Have a Facebook account that have started up a little over a week ago, and this entry was originally posted in my Facebook Notes just a few minutes ago.

Am including a link to a Facebook Note written by a friend of mine on another blog, and imported to here about two stories of exclusion of autistic people, the first being a present-day American story of a Port Lucie, Florida 5 year-old, Alex Barton, who was voted out of his kindergarten class by his classmates on the instigation of their teacher, Ms. Wendy Portillo, and of her own exclusions as a child.

Just appalling, really.

The link's http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=15720918169&ref=mf.

Please go to it, read it, and think about what you can do to NOT be a complete exclusionary arsehole in your own lives.
Be seeing you.

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