25 August 2007

"Branded To Kill" Scene

From "Branded To Kill", comes this scene featuring the film's protagonist, Number Three, played by Jo Shisedo, who's a hit-man in action.

The scene's original YouTube poster, Eigagogo, states that there are three simultaneous assassinations in this clip.

That's not entirely true, as the assassinations come one right after the other in sequential fashion, and five, not three, victims die as a result.

Other than that, his description's pretty much accurate.

By the way, a friend of mine told me a while back that the reason for Shisedo's puffy cheeks was that, prior to making "Branded To Kill", he'd had a failed bout of plastic surgery designed to Westernise his appearance.

If anything, it sort of adds to the odd nature of the character he plays here.

Enjoy and be seeing you.

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