16 August 2007

MoveOn Count The Cost Demo and Press Conference

As part of a national campaign by the greater MoveOn. org organisation, the local branch here held a demo and press conference at the Federal Building in down-town Las Vegas, starting at around 9:30 AM this morning.

Didn't take a count of those attending, but my guesstimate is around a dozen to two dozen people, Yours Truly included, were present, as was only, alas, one represenative of the mainstream media, a young cameraman for our local NBC affiliate, who can be seen in the last four pics of the series displayed below.

He told me, as he was leaving, that he'd heard about the press conference only when he reached the station, and was told to turn right around and cover the event.

As far as I know, there were no other high- or medium-priced media reporters at the event, which is pretty sad, I think.

Just goes to show ya where much of the Las Vegas Valley's media establishment's editors, etc, have their heads lodged, eh????

Anyhow, thanks to April for kindly giving me a ride to and from the press conference, and for putting up with my sorry act.

Enough blather. Go look at the pics, and see for yourselves.

Be seeing you.

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